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Apple is quietly picking up Intel’s engineers for an obvious reason

Apple’s been on a hiring spree in the Pacific Northwest as it ramps up activities inside a secret Washington County-based research and development laboratory.

There’s a dedicated group working on custom chips for the Mac portfolio, according to The Oregonian. While details surrounding the facility are mostly unknown, the report reveals enough to understand exactly what Apple is planning to do in the future.

The team, comprised of nearly two dozen employees, is largely comprised of talent brought over from other technology companies. Many of them have been poached from Intel, which also has operations tucked away in Oregon.

Based on the report, it seems as if Apple would like to eventually dump Intel as a partner for its computers. Mac-branded laptops and desktops currently rely on Core line chips entirely. As we’ve seen, Apple wants to transition key components for all products to in-house production.

Apple already makes its own chips for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

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