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Google’s Clock App Can Now Stream Spotify

Google’s Clock app now supports music streaming services, starting with Spotify. This means you can now be awoken from your slumber by a certain song you know will get you out of bed, or by one of several morning-themed Spotify playlists.

Most of us rely on an alarm to wake us up in the morning. It’s not good for our souls, but if we didn’t set an alarm we would still be in bed at lunchtime. These days most people set an alarm on their smartphone, which makes Google’s latest feature a potential Godsend.

When Google Clock Met Spotify

The Google Clock app now supports Spotify. As long as you have the latest versions of both Spotify and the Clock app (on Android 5.0 or above) you can connect Spotify to the Clock app in order to massively increase the number of alarms you have available to you.

To use Spotify in the Google Clock app, click on “Alarm sound” and select “Spotify”. You will then see a list of “recently played and selected” songs, as well a selection of curated playlists packed full of songs designed to rouse you from your sleep.

Or, assuming you have some music on your phone already, you could just select a song without the need to resort to Spotify. Just click Settings > Sound and Notification > Alarm. Then click the + symbol, select alarm from Music, and choose whatever song you want.

It’s Time to Rise and Shine

This is a really simple and, let’s face it, quite obvious way for Google to expand the range of alarms available in Android. And while it may not change anyone’s life, it will make some people jump out of bed with an extra spring in their step.

If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, why not try one of these evil alarm clock apps for Android and iOS? Or, if you’re having trouble getting your head around the notion of streaming music, check out our unofficial guide to Spotify.

Image Credit: Marco Verch/Flickr

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