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Oppo Limn is a Freshly Trademarked Device, Possibly a Tablet or Foldable Phone

Oppo previously patented quite a few foldable devices and now they’re trademarking a name, Oppo Limn. This is either a tablet, or just a foldable device of sorts, but let’s see what we know so far.

Oppo has been innovating over the past year, by debuting the Oppo Find X for example, an edge to edge phone with a pop up camera. Oppo is also said to be bringing its first folding phone that turns into a tablet to MWC 2019. On December 29th, the company filed a trademark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office for the Limn brand.

The application was submitted by one of the company’s agents in Alicante, Spain. It’s a Class 9 trademark, covering the likes of tablets, software, smartwatches, smartphones and accessories. Limn can be also be described as a “painting, drawing or describing”. Oppo has yet to launch a tablet of its own, but a foldable device is surely in the cards.

Oppo is part of the huge BBK conglomerate so its tech may also reach Vivo and OnePPlus in the near future.

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