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USB Power Delivery explained and how to choose the right charger

A charger is just a charger, right? Well not exactly. There are plenty of standards available that will promise to charge an array of different devices at various speeds.

As we wait for battery technology to improve, many manufacturers have turned to faster charging solutions to help solve our power needs on the go and get us back up to speed even quicker than before.

However, with so many of us now owning and using a multitude of devices from phones to tablets to laptops, in many cases that’s resulted in us either carrying around a number of different chargers that offer a range of different charging capabilities just to keep “powered up” or never having the right charger in the first place for the device at hand.

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What is USB Power Delivery (PD)?

One charging solution is USB Power Delivery. It’s a fast charging technology supported a number of manufacturers including Apple and Google, that delivers a much higher level of power than the standard charger normally included in the box.

Power Delivery (or PD for short) is a technology that offers up to a 100 watt strength to power bigger and heavier devices like hard drives, laptops, and printers, while at the same time still being able to be used to charge your iPhone for example.

What’s a watt anyways?

Various devices require the charger they are being charged from to have a certain number of watts. Basic chargers will normally offer between 5-18 watts of power to charge a device. The Apple iPhone X for example comes with a 5w USB to Lightning charger. It doesn’t support fast charging for the iPhone, nor is it able to charge other devices like the iPad Pro or a MacBook.

The move to USB-C

To deliver fast charging and the ability to charge multiple devices Power Delivery supports USB-C. The move to the newer USB-C technology is one of the key reasons Power Delivery chargers are able to adapt to charge the device they are charging without overloading that device. It means you can have a 100w charger charging a device that only needs 5w and know that it will not only work but be safe in doing so, but then moments later use it to charge your laptop.  

Who supports Power Delivery and how fast can you charge?

You can use USB Power Delivery to fast charge any iPhone 8 or later model from Apple and Google’s Pixel range of smartphones including the Pixel 2, 2XL, 3 and 3 XL models. Charging times vary depending on the handset, but you should see 2.5x the charging time when using a USB Power Delivery charger. According to manufacturers you should be able to charge an iPhone X up to 50 per cent in 30 minutes. That’s fast.

Choosing the right charger

There are a number of different chargers on the market from companies like Belkin and RavPower. Belkin currently offers a 27w charger that is good enough to charge your iPhone, and iPad or iPad Pro, but won’t be good enough to charge your MacBook or laptop for example.

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RavPower 45W GaN Wall Charger

RavPower has just introduced a new 45w USB PD charger that is capable of charging all the above and more in a device that won’t take up half your bag.

The thinnest wall charger on the market thanks to revolutionary GaN technology, it bringsyou a pocket-friendly charger that measures 14mm thick. The travel ready charger is able to do that because the US plug fitting hides within the case when not in use and folds out when needed.

The unit promises 2.5x faster charging compared to a standard 1A charger and in tests the RavPower Power Delivery charger is able to charge your battery from zero to 50 per cent in 30 minutes compared to just 20 per cent charge for the same time with a traditional charger.

The new RavPower 45W GaN Wall Charger is compatible with a range of devices including the latest handsets from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Google, Honor and Xiaomi.

Furthermore, it is also compatible with a range of tablets like Apple’s new iPad Pro, the Nintendo Switch,  and laptops including Apple’s MacBook range (although you won’t get full speed charging), Asus, Google, Huawei, and HP’s Spectre range.

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RAVPower 60W 5-Port USB C Desktop Charger

The company also offers a desktop charger what offers one USB Type-C PD 3.0 port that pairs with four iSmart 2.0 USBs for a simultaneous fast charging treatment. It can charge a MacBook in around 3 hours and offers the ability to charge a further four devices via the USB-A ports making this a great desk charger.

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RAVPower 45W USB-C Power Delivery Car Charger

RavPower also offers a 45W USB-C PD car charger for road warriors to charge on the go from the comfort of their car or charge a Nintendo Switch on long journeys for the kids in the back.

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USB-C Power Bank 26,800mAh PD Portable Charger

For those working on the go, RavPower also offers two portable charger packs that offer Power Delivery. The two chargers come in 26800mAh and 20100mAh battery sizes and promise to charge an array of different devices including smartphones, tablets, and some laptops quicker than a standard charger would. 

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