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Xiaomi Designed the Redmi S2 as Cheap and Complete

That (faux) all-metal design

Even though it’s not aluminum, the Redmi S2’s exterior sure does resemble it. Xiaomi needed to use plastic, but its selection looks and feels like metal.

The Redmi S2 somehow tricked me into thinking it’s made of aluminum despite that being impossible because of its low-cost nature. That’s a testament to how great this piece of plastic comes across.

Aside from HMD Global’s Nokia 3.1, you’ll be hard-pressed to identify a phone so cheap that’s so well-made.

Just look at other entry-level devices for a moment. Xiaomi’s competitors at the same price are using plastics that collect fingerprints and smudges. The mid-range segment has moved toward metal and glass, and that’s where the Redmi S2 falls on paper. Still, the Redmi S2 undercuts those devices in price.

Xiaomi went the extra distance by using soft edges as well. It’s not like the edges or corners dig into your hands. The antenna lines are visible, but none of them are jumping out in an intrusive manner. Overall, the Redmi S2 is simple and sleek.

MIUI with a hint of Oreo flavor

Based on Android 8.1 Oreo, the Redmi S2 offers a pretty up-to-date experience. It’s also paired with MIUI 9.5, Xiaomi’s software overlay. The two work together and unlock a slew of features.

Make sure to choose the Global Version if you’re picking up this phone. The Redmi S2 has a Chinese Version, but you won’t get access to Google Mobile Services. Xiaomi’s Global Version ships with Google’s full collection of apps and services that includes the Play Store.

Admittedly, MIUI could be an acquired taste for many consumers. It’ll take some time to get acclimated to the layout and behavior, and then you’re jumping between apps and menus as you would on any other Android device. Maybe you’ll grow to appreciate Xiaomi’s spin on Android, too.

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